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What’s It Worth to You? On the Value of Life Celebrations

Who determines the value of a ceremony? (image via Pixabay)

I absolutely love the work I do — which is why it is so difficult to say exactly what its value is.

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Striving for Inclusive, Pain-Free Ceremonies

Good ceremonies are inclusive and embrace everyone.

Secular Celebrants Win Right to Solemnize Marriages in Illinois

Image via Pexels

After a long battle, secular celebrants can finally solemnize marriages under Illinois state law.

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More Than Ever, We Need Secular Weddings — and Celebrants

Rings saying "I love you" and "I know"

I’ve been thinking about weddings lately.

Part of it is the time of the year; as the weather has gotten warmer (at least where I’m sitting here in the Northern Hemisphere), couples have been celebrating their nuptials, and that’s only going to increase as we move into the summer months.

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Choosing Your Battles: On Marriage Equalities

One of my daily reads is Paul Fidalgo‘s Morning Heresy at the CFI website, and I was pleased to see a link to an article by Chris Trejbal at AMERICABlog on the battle to get secular celebrants recognized to solemnize marriages in every US state.

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