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The Wishes of the Dead: Do Memorial Plans Matter?

One thing that is true of many people: We want to be remembered. We want to feel like our lives had meaning that will outlive our own existence. In my experience, religion or a lack thereof doesn’t make much difference; even if you think your incorporeal self will survive your physical death, there is still a world here, and we don’t like feeling that it will have been left unaffected by our tenure in it. We know that the story goes on, but we don’t want it to go on entirely without us.

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Why Death is Hard and Must Be Faced

“What would you tell someone at a funeral? What kind of hope could you give them?”

Thus said my (religious) mother when I first told her that I was planning on becoming a secular celebrant and that I wanted to perform memorials and funerals as well as weddings and commitment ceremonies.

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