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The Ethics of a Secular Celebrant


Recently, I’ve had some unpleasant interactions with people who thought that they ought to make assumptions about what I ethically support as a secular celebrant. (I don’t consider these interactions to be particularly helpful, so I’m not linking to or mentioning them in detail here.) So even though I’ve spelled out my philosophy for becoming a secular celebrant, I thought it would be worthwhile to mention what I think are some ethical questions unique to secular celebrants.

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Introductions: Why I’m a Secular Celebrant

Hi, my name is Galen, and I’m a secular celebrant.

This post isn’t going to be my life story or a full explanation of what secular celebrants are – you can click the links above and find out more. Instead, I want to give a brief philosophical and personal rationale for why I decided that I wanted to embark on this venture as a secular celebrant.

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